Expanded range of xiros polymer ball bearings

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Expanded range of xiros polymer ball bearingsIgus is expanding its recently launched xiros range of plastic ball bearings. Positive feedback from customers has resulted in the xiros maintenance-free polymer ball bearings becoming an independent product line. The name xiros is derived from the Ancient Greek xsiros, which means dry. Inner and outer races are now offered in two further materials and there are additional dimensions available.

The first type is a dry-running polymer ball bearing for operation in temperatures of up to 150degC, which has been further developed for wear resistance. Areas of application for anti-magnetic and highly corrosion-resistant open systems include: medicine, the chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical and bio-technology, as well as in plant engineering that requires cleaning.

For broader application areas in the normal temperature range associated with plastics, Igus offers a lower-cost type of maintenance-free polymer ball bearings.

Each year over 120 new polymer compounds are prepared and more than 8000 tests performed in the Igus development laboratory. This gives customers precise forecasts of the service life of the bearing in their particular application use and can also develop completely new application sectors. The tests mainly focus on wear, friction value and drive forces required under a wide range of loads and speeds as well as further environmental conditions (temperature, media, soiling, impact and blows).

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