Detector identifies electrical discharge in bearings

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Detector identifies electrical discharge in bearingsSKF is launching an Electrical Discharge Detector Pen that enables electrical discharge in bearings to be detected quickly and remotely. The TKED 1 instrument can be used as part of a predictive maintenance programme to minimise the effects of electric currents on bearings used in electric motors.

Electrical discharges are a result of motor shaft voltages discharging to earth through the bearing, causing electrical erosion, lubricant degradation and, ultimately, bearing failure. The increasing use of variable-frequency drives has made the problem more common and severe.

Designed to detect electrical discharges in a non-contact manner, the Electrical Discharge Detector Pen enables quick diagnosis of electrical discharge. The number of electrical discharges counted is displayed on an LCD screen and can be counted over a time period of 10 seconds, 30 seconds or indefinitely, adapting to the specific needs of an application.

An easy-to-use handheld instrument, the TKED 1 consists of a display unit and an antenna. It is operated by three standard AAA batteries and can be carried in a pocket for use wherever it is required. A backlit LED screen enables use in poor visibility environments. Alternatively, users can turn off the backlight display and select the auto power-off function if additional battery life is required. The instrument is supplied in a sturdy carrying case with batteries, a spare antenna and instructions for use.

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