Castors added to Item aluminium profile family

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Castors added to Item aluminium profile familyItem's new Castors D100, now available in the UK through Machine Building Systems, are designed for medium-duty industrial use, such as on trolleys and drawer cabinets. The Castors have good rolling properties, a high load-carrying capacity and are able to withstand most environmental environments. All models feature sealed ball bearings.

Carrying capacities indicated are maximum values under ideal conditions, at walking pace (up to 4 km/h) and moving over smooth, level surfaces. If the floor is uneven or the weight is distributed unevenly, the load is calculated separately for each castor using the following formula:

F = (dead weight + load)/3

The Castors can be secured to the end faces of profiles in all Lines using a thread in the core bore (the bore may need to be counter-bored and tapped) or by using Base Plates/Transport Plates.

Castors can also be attached to the groove side of the profiles using suitable Base Plates/Transport Plates. In addition, they can be combined with the Floor-Fixing Plate 8.

As well as the standard design, the castors are available with a brake or in a non-swivelling version. Antistatic Castors can also be supplied specifically for use in the electronics sector; these have appropriate tyres and a continuously conductive wheel/casing.

10 December 2008

Machine Building Systems Ltdvisit website
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