Clamping strips secure panels in aluminium profile frames

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Clamping strips secure panels in aluminium profile framesMachine Building Systems is introducing new Item Panel-Clamping Strips for installing panels (primarily made of acrylic, PET-G or polycarbonate) into closed profile frames. Apart from straight saw cuts, no further machining of the panel or Panel-Clamping Strips is required, making the concept suitable for use on both new-builds and retrofits.

Panel-Clamping Strips consist of two components. The first of these, an aluminium extrusion, fits into the profile groove and holds the panel in place. A second strip, of flexible plastic, is then used to secure both the panel and the aluminium strip in the groove. If necessary, the plastic strip can be levered out with a flat-bladed screwdriver in order to remove the panel from the frame.

The Panel-Clamping Strips 6 secure the panel so that there is an offset of 1.6mm to the outer edge of the profile. This produces a smooth outer wall for protective enclosures and helps reduce turbulence caused by air currents. The choice of Panel-Clamping Strip depends on the thickness of the panel(s) and the profile size.

For Item Line 6 profiles the Panel-Clamping Strips can be used with panels of 2-6mm thickness (two plastic strips are available: one for panels 2-4mm thick and the other for 4-6mm panels). For Item Line 8 profiles, the relevant clamping strips handle panel thicknesses from 8-10mm.

10 December 2008

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