BMF magnetic sensors suit short-stroke cylinders and grippers

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Balluff's miniature BMF magnetic field sensors already allow designers to implement high-dynamic application concepts in pneumatics requiring components of low weight and a small footprint. Adding to this range is the new easy-fit BMF 204K, a miniature flush-mountable C-slot sensor with integrated holding. With a length of just 20mm, it disappears in the C-slot without protruding. This makes it suitable for use in short-stroke cylinders, mini-grippers and other space-critical applications. And as an especially economical product, the new cylinder switch costs hardly more than a conventional reed sensor.

Installation of the BMF 204K is said to be easy: the integrated holding element allows the sensor to be slid into the slot and positioned; turning a screw locks the sensor in place. This new sensor also stands out in practical use, with high accuracy, short over-travel distances and low hysteresis. The sensor is optimised mechanically for the Festo C-slot, but also fits in slot styles like that of SMC.

This sensor is available in a cable version with IP67 plastic housing and PNP normally open output. There are pigtail versions with M8 connectors and cable lengths of 0.3 and 0.5m.

BMF sensors detect individual positions, such as end-of-travel on pneumatic cylinders, wear-free and precisely, and can 'see' the permanent magnets installed on the piston rod through the non-magnetisable cylinder wall. As soon as the piston approaches, the output signal jumps to the other state.

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