Smart camera features improved integral lighting

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Smart camera features improved integral lightingLeuze electronic says its new LSIS 400i smart camera represents the next generation of industrial smart cameras because it combines high performance with innovative features such as homogeneous lighting, motor-driven focus adjustment and integrated configuration software within an IP65-rated unit.

As smart cameras have developed, machine builders, system integrators and end users have discovered that success depends upon key issues such as illumination, ease and flexibility of camera adjustment, and the true cost of integration. Headline costs have typically ignored lighting and software, as well as the time needed to get the system working, or even to switch settings between production runs.

Illumination is key to performance and because Leuze electronic has expertise in optics, an innovative new illumination system was invented using special optics instead of conventional LEDs. Eight rectangular segments fitted with precisely calculated, free-form shapes generate an extremely homogeneous, intense, rectangular light pattern in the range from 50 to 250mm.

Simple set-up

A motor-driven focus adjustment function enables the focus to be adjusted from any PC for setup. In fact the entire image processing software is integrated inside the LSIS 400i and accessible using a web browser, so there is no software to buy.

Focus settings and other criteria such as object detection are stored within the camera. This enables a PLC or even just a switch to select the program and focus setting for a given production run.

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