Frame kits conform to Type I and Type II CFast specifications

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Frame kits conform to Type I and Type II CFast specificationsTo support the new CFast standard for faster storage speeds, ITT Interconnect Solutions has designed a complete new line of two-piece, ultrasonic, weld frame kits. The frame kits conform to both Type I and Type II CFast specifications. In addition, 24-pin CFast surface-mount connectors that can be easily customised to meet particular offsets specified by the designer are available through ITT Interconnect Solutions.

Maximising available space on the PCB, CFast frame kits and connectors are quick and easy to assemble thanks to a complete set of ultrasonic welding fixtures and weld tooling. The devices benefit from an insert-moulded rigid plastic frame enclosure, are secure (tamper-proof) and fully RoHS-compliant. The CFast components are suitable products for high-end video and digital cameras, handheld portable devices, industrial/enterprise storage systems, security and medical devices as well as personal computers.

ITT Interconnect Solutions has been a member of the CFA (CompactFlash Association) since its founding in 1995 and has supplied millions of CF frame kits and connectors to customers around the world.

Further details are available in an application note freely downloadable from

09 June 2009

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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