Smart digital pressure transducer is fully submersible

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Smart digital pressure transducer is fully submersibleInertial Aerosystems is introducing a fully submersible version of its established PPTR ruggedised smart digital pressure transducer. Manufactured by Honeywell, the transducer incorporates a Sea Con electrical connector that is qualified for use in depths in excess of 2000m. Codenamed the PPTR Submersible, it has an environmentally sealed stainless steel construction and is designed for use in severe conditions, primarily as a depth sensor in sea water and other corrosive environments.

Combining proven silicon sensing technology with microprocessor-based signal conditioning, this Smart sensor delivers repeatable long-term accuracy of 0.1 per cent of span over an operating temperature of -4 to 60degC. The unit has many programmable features and automatic fault detection.

The PPTR can measure depths in excess of 2000m (3000psi). Efficient system design ensures no additional signal compensation is needed, and data acquisition systems can connect up to 89 units on a multidrop bus if using the optional RS485 capability (RS232 is standard). This versatile product can be installed within both existing and new systems.

Suitable for use where space and weight are at a premium, this rugged transducer measures 132.7mm x 34.7mm and weighs 424g.

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