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Inmoco's newly expanded Ormec SMLC family offers the benefits of both motion control and PLC functionality in a single package. Available in 3-, 8-, 16- and 24-axis models, the SMLC family offers high-performance computing capability and a true real-time operating system powered by Intel 32bit processors. As a result, it is able to provide cost-effective, robust computing power for demanding multi-axis motion and I/O control applications.

With its ability to provide cost-effective, fully integrated motion products from 1-24 axes, the SMLC family is suitable for a variety of packaging, material handling, medical, pharmaceutical and general assembly applications. In these applications, the ability of the SMLC to combine ORMEC's high-performance motion engine with IEC 61131-3 programming languages, PLCopen motion function blocks and industry standard protocols for I/O and network connectivity provides a powerful control package that reduces wiring complexity, panel space requirements, and programming effort.

Developing multi-axis products using the SMLC is seamless, as a result of combining the CoDeSys Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and runtime engine with ORMEC's ServoWire Pro development and commissioning tools. The CoDeSys IDE and runtime engine are excellent, open-standard IEC 61131-3 tools with extensive diagnostic capabilities. They also offer the added benefit of being used in a variety of products worldwide. Complementing the CoDeSys system, ServoWire Pro is an easy-to-use, integrated suite of configuration, diagnostic and maintenance utilities to assist in the commissioning of the drive.

To facilitate a multi-tiered, flexible approach to machinery I/O applications, the SMLC family is able to interface with high-speed drive-based I/O for microsecond position capture and offers single servo update response to sensor signals. It also provides sub-millisecond programmable limit switch outputs, tightly coupled to the motion control.

For general-purpose I/O applications, a variety of analogue and digital modules can be cost-effectively connected to and controlled by the SMLC. When combined with pre-written application-specific function blocks, the SMLC helps to save programming time and cost.

The SMLC offers a wide range of interfacing capabilities, with two Ethernet ports and three or four serial ports. It is complemented by a line of networked Ethernet-based I/O expansion modules that can handle many I/O points. It also offers optional Profibus DP Master support. In addition, touchscreen HMI and factory networking support is provided via built-in Modbus/TCP as well as via the free OPC server.

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