Angle sensor output is fully programmable

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Angle sensor output is fully programmableVariohm EuroSensor is launching a new software application for communicating with and programming the Contelec Vert-X series of non-contact and contactless angle sensors. As the exclusive UK distributor for the Swiss-manufactured range, Variohm offers OEMs and machine builders the ability to reconfigure and customise the sensor curve and output characteristics over its 0-360degree measurement range.

With on-assembly sensor configuration, the software has the potential to simplify stock control and reduce build and design timescales by removing the need to purchase several different types of angle sensor across different machines. Furthermore, the flexibility offered allows specialist machine manufacturers to program critical angle measurement characteristics such as joystick deadband, gearbox backlash or dancer arm neutral zone angles directly on the machine to suit performance requirements.

Vert-X Commander software is a simple-to-use PC-based application supplied with a special cable that connects single-turn Vert-X sensors via an Aardvark USB host adapter. A GUI displays programmable and fixed information from the sensors' digital interface. Programmable parameters include a selection of six different sensor types with varying gradient, dead band and curve characteristics. For each sensor type, users can typically set specific voltage output and specify left and right angles with an adjustable deadband (or gap) angle. The information is displayed in a graph showing sensor angle vs voltage with a trace scaling function that allows closer examination of the output curve. When the desired characteristics have been set on screen, a program key simply downloads the data to the sensor, overwriting the previously programmed information. Fixed displayed parameters include the sensor angle, output voltage level and as primary quality control measure, the sensor serial number and a counter that records the number of times the sensor has been reprogrammed.

Applications and options

Compact and durable, the Vert-X sensors are aimed at precision angle measurement applications ranging from analytical instruments to extremely heavy-duty applications such as agricultural machinery, autosports and automated industrial equipment where long life, high reliability and robust construction are required - often in restricted spaces.

Vert-X series sensors use Hall-effect magnetic measuring technology, offering high-precision measurement in two design versions. Single-turn contactless Vert-X sensors feature a bearing support for the rotating magnet and fixed sensor, whereas single-turn non-contact Vert-X sensors are supplied in a two-part sensor and magnet design for free mounting. Both types may be used in normal ambient environments through to long-life and zero-maintenance use in arduous and adverse conditions of high humidity, dampness, oil, dust and vibration.

17 September 2009

Variohm-EuroSensor Ltdvisit website
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