New ServoTube Hygienic direct-drive linear actuator

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New ServoTube Hygienic direct-drive linear actuatorCopley Motion Systems will launch a new high-performance, direct-drive linear motor at SPS/IPC/Drives 2009 that is constructed from austenitic stainless steel for use in demanding industrial environments. The ServoTube Hygienic also features a smooth exterior that is free from dirt traps and is suitable for use in demanding and corrosive industrial or aseptic environments.

Because there is no mechanical linkage between the fixed forcer body and the moving rod, there is no wear and the integral polymer bearings require no lubrication. The position sensor is always accurate, and is protected from dirt or damage because it is built into the direct-drive linear motor's body. This elemental design meets the DIN IP69K ingress protection requirements, allowing the linear motor to be used in dirty or wet environments and to be cleaned with pressurised jet wash systems.

Direct-drive motion is also claimed to offer significant performance improvements compared to alternative linear systems. A high peak force and low inertia guarantee highly dynamic movements, and the ServoTube Hygienic offers 25micron repeatability throughout the lifetime of the linear motor.

No-compromise linear motion

Marketing Director Steve Hickman comments: "The ServoTube Hygienic is the first linear actuator that can be used in the real-life wash-down applications our customers have to operate in. We believe that its IP69K ingress protection rating, non-corrosive all-stainless construction and high-speed actuation offers no-compromise linear motion for the most demanding hygienic and industrial processing environments."

Whereas existing belt-driven and ball screw-driven linear systems comprise several components, the ServoTube direct-drive linear motors require only a standard Servo drive and, where applicable, a linear rail to support off-axis loads. This reduced system complexity offers advantages in terms of maintenance and also space – because no servomotor or gearhead is required.

Electrically, the ServoTube Hygienic operates from a three-phase 600V supply and provides a digital incremental encoder and commutation output that is suitable for use with most standard digital servo drives.

Performance data

Available from November 2009, the ServoTube Hygienic will initially be available in two models that both offer +/-400micron positioning accuracy and 25micron repeatability. The XHB3804 and XHB3810 provide 744 and 1860N peak force capability and are capable of speeds of 4.7 and 2.6m/s, respectively. Both models can be water-cooled, providing up to 70 per cent extra continuous force for applications requiring high duty cycles or for use in environments with high ambient temperatures.

The ServoTube Hygienic provides highly compact, high-throughput moving-rod linear actuation with integrated field-replaceable polymer bearings to support the moving rod. For off-axis loads an external bearing rail can be used.

This specialised linear direct-drive linear motor is suitable for applications including food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging, industrial plants, chemical processing and use in environments where dirt, pressurised jet washing and corrosive cleaning chemicals make standard linear actuation systems unsuitable.

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