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Machine tool performance analysis software - free upgradeFollowing Microsoft's release of Windows Vista and the rapid adoption of the 64-bit technology by PC hardware OEMs, Renishaw has taken steps to ensure compatibility by releasing a new version of its Ballbar5 software for use with the QC10 ballbar system. This latest release is designed specifically for use with both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Vista.

Designated Ballbar5 HPS v5.08, the software has been extensively re-written to ensure full compatibility and enhance performance and stability. Users of pre-HPS versions of Ballbar5 will appreciate the addition of powerful new features such as the ability to graph historical test data, generate G-Code part programs automatically, and the ability to simulate the effect of machine adjustments without actually touching the machine.

Since its launch some 15 years ago, the Renishaw QC10 ballbar has proved very popular for rapid machine tool performance analysis and diagnosis. A ballbar test typically takes about 15 minutes and enables users to calculate machine circularity error, servo gain mismatch, vibration, stick-slip errors, backlash, repeatability and scale mismatch, as well as aspects of machine geometry.

QC10 ballbar users wishing to obtain a free copy of the new software can find further details regarding compatibility and download it directly at

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