Positioners/process controllers can mount on valve actuators

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Positioners/process controllers can mount on valve actuatorsBurkert's new 8792/8793 SideControl units are versatile, robust and easy-to-use positioners/process controllers designed for mounting directly on linear and rotary actuators (according to IEC 534-6/VDI/VDE 3845 Namur) and also Burkert process valves. The SideControllers offer excellent control accuracy and outstanding dynamic properties in positioning and decentralised process control tasks; they are suitable for a wide range of applications in sectors such as hygienic processing, water treatment, steam and gas handling, typically in the control of auxiliary processes such as water, steam, air, heating and cooling.

The versatile SideControl 8792 intelligent positioner unit is suitable for a wide range of applications; it can be attached directly to an actuator, used as a remote-mounted version or installed in a separately control enclosure. Thanks to its compact and robust IP65/IP67-rated aluminium housing, the SideControl 8792 is suitable for use in harsh conditions and in ATEX zones 2/22. In addition, when configured as a process controller (type 8793) with automatic process value evaluation (such as temperature, pressure, filling level and flow rate) and automated parameterisation, the device is suitable for decentralised process control with optional simultaneous feedback to the plant control level.

Three-wire technology in the 8792 significantly reduces the cost of the new controller compared to devices based on two-wire technology. In addition, the positioner's wide control pressure range, of 1.4 to 7bar and the high air flow range of 7 to 100Nl/min or 150Nl/min make the SideControl 8792 very versatile, enabling users to reduce their stock of different controllers. This cut in inventory costs is complemented by the 8792's ability to reduce operating costs, as the controller consumes no control air once in position.

Intuitive interface

The 8792 positioner offers a comprehensive range of functions and can be easily operated via its large backlit graphic display. The menu control of the SideControl unit is operated through an intuitive four-key panel; the operating concept is based on proven Bürkert technology.

Sebastian Kundel, segment manager for Hygienic Processing at Bürkert, comments: "In order to standardise and simplify processes for the operator, the concept is the same as that of Burkert's digital 8692 electro-pneumatic positioner. End-users of SideControl 8792/8793 units connected to control actuators with IEC or VDI/VDE interfaces, and TopControl 8692/8693 devices for use on Bürkert control valves, can thus use the same control logic for both types of controllers. This makes day-to-day operation much more efficient."

Also aiding ease-of-use of the 8792/93 is a new version of Burkert's ProcessTune function. This allows easy, fast and reliable recognition of the control loop type, and selection of the suitable controller type with optimised parameters.

Initially Bürkert is launching the standard version of the SideControl 8792, for IEC 534-6/VDI/VDE 3845 (NAMUR) adaptions, as well as a version with Profibus DPV1 communications. These will be followed later by units with DeviceNet communications, a remote version for externally connected position sensors, and a low-cost basic version without display for low- cost OEM applications.

More about SideControl

The SideControl actuators are suitable for both double-acting and single-acting linear and rotary actuators. Offering the advantage of operating from a low-voltage (24V) supply, the 8792 works with industry-standard signal inputs and outputs (4-20mA/0-5-10V), plus binary I/O, and offers Profibus DPV1 communications. End position detection is by means of limit switches (or the integrated displacement measuring system) with mechanical position indication also an option. The 8793 process controller version also has 4-20mA input, a PT100 or frequency signal for the process value input in closed-loop control applications. In common with the 8792, it has an RS232 port for software updates and parameterisation.

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19 November 2009

Burkert Fluid Control Systemsvisit website
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