Low-cost microprocessor magnetometers offer high reliability

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Low-cost microprocessor magnetometers offer high reliabilityInertial Aerosystems is introducing two low-cost, high-reliability, microprocessor-based magnetometers manufactured by Honeywell. The two devices are designated the HMR2300 and HMR2300r and consist of a three-axis smart digital magnetometer and a three-axis strapdown magnetometer suitable for flight systems. Both products use the Honeywell HMC2003 hybrid analogue magnetometer to detect the strength and direction of the earth's magnetic field and communicate the x, y and z components directly to a computer/serial bus (RS232/485).

Full-scale range range is +/-2Gauss and <70Gauss (0.02 degrees of heading) resolution; accuracy is <0.5 per cent FS over +/-1Gauss. With extremely low magnetic field sensitivity and a user-configurable command set that can be stored in an on-board EEPROM, these sensors suit a variety of custom applications.

The HMR2300 (pictured top right) has three independent bridges that are orientated to sense the x, y and z axis of a magnetic field. The bridge outputs are then converted to a 16-bit digital value using an internal delta-sigma A/D convertor. It is available as a standalone unit or in a non-magnetic alloy enclosure (pictured bottom right).

Inertial Aerosystems says that the HMR2300r strapdown magnetometer has no moving parts and offers higher reliability (MTBF >50,000 hours) than bulky, gimballed fluxvalve sensors. This versatile sensor complies with the applicable MIL-STD-810 requirements for military and commercial flight systems. It is slaveable to AHRS systems.

Suitable for use where space and weight are at a premium, these sensors have applications in navigation systems, laboratory instruments, oil and gas exploration, remote vehicle monitoring, GPS backup systems, anomaly detection, traffic and vehicle detection, and process control.

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09 March 2010

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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