EcoShape tubular framing system joins round to square sections

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EcoShape tubular framing system joins round to square sectionsConnecting square and round elements has become a great deal easier thanks to the new EcoShape modular tubular framing system from Rexroth. When used with components from Rexroth's Manual Production Systems (MPS), EcoShape makes the construction of workstations, material shuttles, flow racks and similar structures quicker and simpler. EcoShape is said to enable users to design new structures or optimise and extend existing structures more easily. Using EcoShape, existing assembly lines can be improved and errors avoided through the application of the kaizen or poka-yoke principles.

Based on reusable and recyclable anodised aluminium profiles, EcoShape includes connection elements and caps. For constructions requiring high load-bearing capacities, special adapters for the aluminium profiles from Rexroth's Basic Mechanical Elements (MGE) modular system are also available. And thanks to a connection technology that can compensate for length tolerances, workers can easily set up these aluminium tubes on-site. The connection elements are screwed together, ensuring secure and torsion-proof assembly.

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