Low-cost miniature laser distance sensor for dynamic measurement

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Low-cost miniature laser distance sensor for dynamic measurementVariohm EuroSensor is introducing the new, low-cost C-LAS-LT-65-ANA miniature laser displacement sensor that provides precision distance measurement in tough industrial environments or it can be used for ride height monitoring in motorsport applications. The C-LAS-LT-65-ANA has a 0-10V analogue output and is said to be excellent for the dynamic set-up of rally cars and some of the less well funded race series such as Formula 3000; savings of up to 50 per cent can be realised over other manufacturers laser sensors, according to Variohm.

The visible red laser light (670nm) Class 2 laser sensor has a typical working range from 35mm to 120mm in a compact IP67-rated polycarbonate housing measuring just 33 x 23 x 16mm). With scratch-resistant glass for maximum durability and an industrial-grade four-pin metal connector with optional mating cable assembly, the sensor can be supplied with a useful mounting plate for simple angular adjustment during or after installation. The operational temperature range is -20 to +50degC and performance is guaranteed in ambient light conditions up to 5000Lux.

One of the features of the C-LAS-LT-65-ANA is its high dynamic range; it also includes an analogue output that can resolve to a repeatable target of 0.01V under ideal 'white matt' reflective conditions, with an update bandwidth rate of 1kHz that suits the majority of applications. The fully protected sensor requires a +10 to +32V DC supply and includes protection from short circuits and reverse polarity.

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