Vibration sensors with industry-standard M12 connectors

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Vibration sensors with industry-standard M12 connectorsVariohm EuroSensor is offering three new vibration sensors with industry-standard M12 connectors from its USA distribution partner Meggitt Wilcoxon Research. Aimed at vibration monitoring for preventative maintenance on motors, pumps and other rotating equipment, the general-purpose accelerometers are based on proven 786A and 787A piezoelectric accelerometers but now include the universal four- and five-pin M12 connector that is commonly used across food, beverage, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

The range covers three 100mV/g sensors with either 5 per cent or 10 per cent sensitivity tolerance and an acceleration range up to 80 'g.' Hermetically sealed and corrosion-resistant, with a fused glass-to-metal connector and all-welded construction, the durable sensor has a temperature range of -50 to +120degC and the compact design mounts in any orientation with a choice of M6, M8 or 1/4-28 captive screw or M8 stud mounting.

Variohm can also supply a wide range IP67 and IP68 assemblies with four- or five-pin connectors from Meggitt Wilcoxon Research to simplify installation still further.

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