Screw blowers are 30% more energy-efficient than lobe types

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Screw blowers are 30% more energy-efficient than lobe typesAtlas Copco Compressors' new ZS oil-free, energy- saving positive displacement screw blowers is designed to save money through improved energy efficiency. According to Atlas Copco, the new blowers are, on average, 30 per cent more energy-efficient than conventional lobe-type units.

Industries and applications such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, pneumatic conveying, textiles, paper and pulp, and general manufacturing, can benefit substantially from energy savings through the replacement of conventional lobe compressors with the latest screw blower technology. As a result, the ZS screw blower models will now replace Atlas Copco's entire range of Roots-type rotary lobe blowers.

The performance of the new ZS screw blower has been tested against a tri-lobe blower by the independent Technische Uberwachungs-Verein (TUV), according to the international standard ISO 1217, edition4. In these tests it was proven that the ZS is 23.8 per cent more energy-efficient than a tri-lobe blower at 0.5 bar(e) (7psig), and 39.7 per cent better at 0.9 bar(e) (13psig).

Efficient design

This high efficiency is mainly attributed to innovative design that integrates all individual components into a plug-and-run unit. Furthermore, the screw technology incorporates state-of-the-art oil-free screw elements, precision timing gears and a special screw element coating for closer tolerances and increased lifetime.

Other important features that contribute to increased efficiency and reliability for the ZS screw blowers are: an integrated gearbox that does not require belt and pulley replacement and is designed for reduced maintenance costs and increased uptime; the TEFC IP55 motor that is designed for continuous operation in dusty and humid environments; and longer service life for bearings and gears due to a lower oil temperature that is achieved by means of an oil system that includes a pump, cooler and filter.

Energy consumption typically represents 80 per cent of the lifecycle costs of a blower. By introducing more energy-efficient screw technology to its air blower range, Atlas Copco can now offer a complete product portfolio of compressors and blowers for all applications and processes below 4 bar(e) (58psig). Atlas Copco's screw technology helps customers to save energy, which is a major advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

Follow the link to view an application video of the Atlas Copco ZS screw blower in a wastewater treatment plant, or search for "Atlas Copco ZS screw blower in a wastewater treatment plant." Alternatively go to the Atlas Copco website for more information about the ZS screw blowers.

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