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Pitch preparation advice and tips from AbssacWith recent problems in the sporting world it is good to know that there is a pitch you can rely on. No, not the grass variety for football or cricket but the one found in the lead screws available from Abssac.

Abssac's lead screws are prepared by rolling or machining and checked prior to delivery for pitch error (pitch being the nominal distance between two adjacent thread roots or crests, regardless of the thread form). Another term less likely to be used but regarded as the most important dimensions in thread inspection is the pitch diameter, which is the measured distance between the pitch points taken in the groove between the threads.

Supplying a well-prepared (precision) pitch thread profile is the goal to any lead screw production, as pitch deformation or irregularity is one of the major factors contributing to reduced efficiency, premature wear and noise with lead screw applications.

At Abssac both screws and nuts are checked and matched to avoid such pitfalls. Lead screws are available in sizes ranging from a miniature 4mm diameter up to 200mm, with a wide choice of metric and imperial leads for each diameter in stainless steel, low-carbon steel and exotic materials if required.

For further details contact one of Abssac's sales engineers on +44 (0)1386 421005 or visit the web page covering precision lead screws.

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