New airless and air-assisted atomising spray nozzles

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New airless and air-assisted atomising spray nozzlesNew atomising spray nozzles from Lee Products generate a precise 50-degree hollow cone spray pattern to ensure controlled atomisation in a very compact package. They are available in both airless and air-assisted styles and suit critical spray applications in laboratory, medical device, general design applications or wherever exceptionally precise spray patterns are required.

The airless atomising nozzles do not require an external air supply and will atomise with pressures as low as 10psi (using water). They are available in multiple flow ranges and can be installed directly onto a proprietary VHS micro-dispense valve for precise flow control using pulse-width modulation (PWM).

Air-assisted models utilise an external air source to control the atomisation and allow for lower operating pressures (5psi). The pressure of the liquid and the air can be controlled independently to fine-tune the flow rate and nozzle performance to suit the application requirements.

In addition to the standard options, Lee Products can supply these atomising nozzles with special mounting configurations and PEEK wetted materials on request.

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