Micro wash down nozzles with a choice of hole patterns

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Micro wash down nozzles with a choice of hole patternsLee Products is launching a range of micro wash down nozzles for washing cuvettes, test tubes, 96-well plates and similar laboratory receptacles, as well as for purging/drying gas chambers. These nozzles, which are constructed entirely from 303 and 304 stainless steel, are only 6inches long, feature a 0.062 Minstac fitting at one end and have a total nozzle restriction of 1800 Lohms.

Two versions are available, one with ten 0.010inch diameter holes and one with twenty 0.007inch diameter holes to ensure an ultra-fine spray for delicate yet effective cleaning. However, it is intended that a version with forty 0.005inch holes will be introduced in the future. Various lengths are available on request, as are specials to suit specific applications.

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