Sub-miniature latching solenoid valves use minimal energy

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Sub-miniature latching solenoid valves use minimal energyLee Products is promoting its range of sub-miniature latching solenoid valves that are designed for applications that demand ultra-low power consumption, low heat generation and small size. These features make the valve suitable for compact, battery-powered pneumatic instruments such as portable oxygen delivery systems, environmental gas samplers and other OEM flow switching devices.

The valve is magnetically latched and requires only momentary (10ms) pulses of current to switch the state. It consumes only 2.8milliwatt-sec per switch and has reliable bistable performance.

Available in plug-in, face-mount and ported soft tube configurations, the valve measures just 28.5mm (1.12inch) long and 7.1mm (0.28inch) in diameter for compact manifold applications. The latching valve also features a flow capacity of 6slpm at 0.7barg (10psig) and a pressure range of 0-1barg (0-15psig).

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