The fastest GigE Vision cameras in the world

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Distributed exclusively by Stemmer Imaging, the Prosilica GX-Series cameras from Allied Vision Technologies use Link Aggregation technology to double the data transmission rate offered by GigE Vision to 240 MB/sec. Link Aggregation, or IEEE 802.3ad, is a networking technology that uses multiple Ethernet ports in parallel to increase the link speed beyond the limits of a single port. According to Stemmer Imaging, this makes the GX-Series the fastest GigE Vision compliant cameras in the world. When Prosilica GX-Series cameras are connected to the host computer using two standard CAT-5e Ethernet cables, the connection is seen as a single connection operating at twice the normal speed. The GX-Series can also operate at conventional GigE Vision speeds using a single cable.

Available in four monochrome or colour models offering a range of resolutions and frame speeds, the GX Series feature high-performance progressive-scan Kodak KAI CCD sensors to provide high-quality images. The GX1050 offers megapixel resolution at 120fps, the GX1660 2/3inch optical format offers 2 megapixel resolution at 60fps, while the GX1910 offers 2 megapixel HD resolution at 60fps. The GX3300 completes the range, with 8 megapixel resolution at 15fps. Applications include machine vision, robotics, high-speed industrial inspection, avionics, traffic monitoring, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), public security, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), character recognition and surveillance.

New for the GX series, in addition to all of the features of the Prosilica GE-Series cameras, are video auto-iris control and three-axis motorised lens control. The three-axis motorised lens feature can control lens focus, iris and zoom directly and remotely via the AVT/Prosilica GigE Software Development Kit without the use of an external control box.

All GX-Series models offer full compatibility with the AVT/Prosilica GigE Software Development Kit and the Common Vision Blox imaging toolkit from Stemmer Imaging.

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