Press-fit modules incorporate force/displacement control

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Kistler Instruments is expanding its established electromechanical press-fit joining system with the addition of two new compact NCFH modules with 10kN and 15kN nominal joining force ratings to replace the existing 10kN module. The use of integral piezoelectric force sensors allows a range of measuring range combinations from 1kN to 15kN from just two modules.

The new modules are mechanically and electrically compatible with the earlier 10kN module but are more versatile due to the additional measuring ranges. Although only 475mm long, the NCFH modules have a stroke of 200mm for operation deep inside enclosures such as gearbox casings. The high stroke speed of 300mm/s and quick return stroke ensure short machine cycle times. Both tensile and compression types are standard, and the standard holding brake holds even heavy tooling safely when electric power is removed.

Kistler says that the Firmware, integrated within the servo controller, is designed for force/displacement evaluation and documentation of the joining process. The system provides force control and active deflection compensation, making positional accuracy independent of force by eliminating the effects of the assembly bending under load.

Characteristics such as the compact size, high precision and low-maintenance operation make the Kistler NC electromechanical joining system useful for many different types of assembly processes where reliability, low cost of ownership and machine design flexibility are required.

09 September 2009

Kistler Instruments Ltdvisit website
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