Hydraulic saw motor can boost productivity by 35 per cent

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Parker Hannifin is launching the innovative F11-iP hydraulic saw motor that automatically maintains an optimum cutting speed of 40m/s for 35 per cent faster cutting. This translates to up to 4000m3 more timber and as much as EUR20,000 more per year. In addition to boosting productivity with quicker and more even sawing, the new motor eliminates over-revving, thereby helping to minimise the cost of maintenance and downtime.

The F11-iP motor uses a patented hyper-fast hydraulic control circuit to maintain the optimum chain speed throughout the entire log, unlike conventional motors that surge in speed as the saw enters and leaves the log and slow down in between. This constant speed, which is automatically adjusted to match the timber quality, enables the chain to work at maximum efficiency. The result is faster sawing and far less bucking splits, ultimately increasing sawmill profitability.

Parker's innovative hydraulic saw motor uses the company's Intelligent Power technology to reduce the damage to motors, chains and entire hydraulic systems, which is common in aggressive timber cutting applications. With equipment providing a longer, lower-maintenance service life, considerable reductions can be made in downtime and associated costs. Furthermore, by minimising heat losses, Parker's patented PowerBoost technology helps to reduce fuel consumption.

The F11-iP motor is said to be suitable for any timber cutting applications where maximum productivity is required. The F11-iP is supplied factory set for optimum efficiency, with the gear ratio tailored to the machine in which it is to be fitted.

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