ATEX-approved moisture sensor for hydraulic fluids and oils

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Parker Hannifin reports that its MS300 in-line moisture sensor for hydraulic and lubricating systems has had its ATEX approval reconfirmed. Parker's manufacturing processes have been found once again to comply with BS EN 13980, enabling the MS300 to maintain its certification as Intrinsically Safe Electrical Apparatus. As a result, the device can continue to be used to provide fast, reliable and accurate moisture detection in hazardous applications for effective preventative maintenance.

The MS300 moisture sensor features the capabilities of Parker's successful MS100 and MS200 models, with the ability to monitor and report moisture content in oils, and making it easy for maintenance engineers to check if water contamination remains safely within the oil's absorption range. The unit offers the additional option of programmable outputs to suit the needs of specific applications.

ATEX-approved, the MS300 model is designed for use with category 1G equipment and can be used with galvanic isolators within specified electrical parameters. The MS300 can also be used in Zone 0 hazardous areas and potentially explosive atmospheres where moisture sensors are typically not allowed without permits.

The MS300 is part of Parker's increasing range of products for hazardous areas, which also includes the ACM20 Z2 ATEX-approved particle analyser, a proven device for testing for contamination particles in fuel in explosive and hazardous areas, and the IcountPD Z2 particle detector for use in similar environments and applications, which will be launched globally later in 2010.

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