Guidelok Slimline avoids damage to hanging energy chains

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Guidelok Slimline avoids damage to hanging energy chainsigus is launching the Guidelok Slimline that helps to overcome the problem of damage being incurred by hanging energy chains that operate at high speeds and with lateral accelerations - which is particularly common within storage and retrieval units. The Guidelok Slimline works by guiding the energy chain and holding it in position to prevent unwanted movement.

According to igus, the Guidelok Slimline offers a number of advantages:

  • Saves cost and weight – up to 80 per cent less guide trough required
  • Improves safety – a clamping lever mechanism keeps the energy chain secure
  • Faster and easier installation – even as a retrofit within existing equipment

Accommodating hanging systems of up to 50m high, the igus Guidelok Slimline system is suitable for use in storage and retrieval units, lifts, elevators, and construction site and crane lifts and hoists.

Follow the first link to see a movie of the Guidelok Slimline in action, or the second link for more information about the Guidelok Slimline.

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