M12 inductive sensor with 50nm resolution and fast response

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A new Baumer IPRM 12 inductive sensor features an M12 stainless steel housing, yet it measures with a resolution of up to 50nm - which the company claims to be "unmatched in its class." Furthermore, it is also said to be one of the fastest sensors in its class, with a measuring speed of 1mm/s. All of the necessary electronics are integrated within the M12 housing.

With these performance characteristics the compact sensor is a compelling alternative to complex measuring systems. In contrast to these systems, the IPRM 12 does not need any external amplifier or expensive coaxial cables. The 90mm housing contains the measuring head, signal evaluation and amplification, as well as the analogue output circuitry. Since the 0-20mA current output is compatible with standard analogue cards and cables, no additional interface costs arise. High measuring precision concurrent with high measuring speed normally requires extended external hardware complexity and computing time. However, thanks to the integrated electronics, this is not necessary when using the IPRM 12. The sensor's sophisticated switching enables it to remain temperature-stable, even without any external temperature compensating devices. A robust metal housing and protection class IP 67 ensure high durability.

Three differently configured sensor versions are available for various measuring tasks. Depending on the application, they are optimised for high resolution and high linearity, high resolution in long-range sensing or an extended measuring range. The inductive sensor's fields of application vary from measuring facilities to precise positioning and rotation monitoring.

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