ROBA-topstop safety brake is easy to integrate

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ROBA-topstop safety brake is easy to integrateMayr is launching the ROBA-topstop safety brake for gravity-loaded axes, featuring diverse redundancy and integrated monitoring of the braking function. This patented brake is designed primarily to prevent unintentional drops or crashes where vertical axes are employed and there is potential for injury. A fast response time and high brake performance density help to minimise stopping distances, and compact dimensions enable designers to install the brake in applications where space is restricted or as a retrofit to existing machinery.

The ROBA-topstop fits between the servo motor and gearbox or ball screw spindle, requiring as little as 104mm of axial space, depending on the mode selected and whether the brake uses redundant braking circuits. In the event of an emergency stop situation or a power failure, the brake is applied to halt the motion. With the brake applied, it is even safe to dismantle or remove the motor for maintenance or replacement. An integral sensor gives an output signal so that a control system or indicator can identify whether the brake is on or off. Even after numerous applications, the brake still provides a long, reliable life. Three standard sizes of brake are available, with braking torques of 12-160Nm, and a choice of mounting configurations ensues that Mayr can supply safety brakes for many different types of installation.

Additional options include a hand release lever, and the EAS-smartic safety clutch that disengages the drive in the event of an over-torque being detected. To complement the safety brakes, Mayr also supplies a range of half-wave rectifiers and bridge rectifiers.

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