Colour display is designed for industrial process monitoring

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Colour display is designed for industrial process monitoringKistler's CoMo View Type 5863A2 with integrated 5.7inch touch screen colour display is suitable for in-process quality monitoring. The full range of evaluation functions enables the manufacturing process to be controlled, monitored and documented reliably. Furthermore, the built-in Ethernet capability provides for simple and fast set-up and process monitoring from any LAN-connected PC or web terminal. A CoMo View unit equipped with web server functionality is linked directly to the TCP/IP world, providing password-protected access to process data from a web browser located anywhere.

CoMo View is a control interface for the monitoring and classification of industrial processes. Six PLC-compatible digital inputs and outputs enable the unit to be integrated within a machine control system. As well as the interfaces already mentioned, an RS-232C interface is available for testing and servicing purposes.

LAN connectivity enables production data to be stored and archived centrally in larger, complex manufacturing plants to ensure data integrity and security. Remote fault diagnosis simplifies on-site maintenance by ensuring the required expertise and spares are available when needed.

CoMo View is used in a wide variety of industries to maintain high levels of product quality while minimising both production and maintenance costs.

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