Force sensors designed for production monitoring

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Force sensors designed for production monitoringKistler is launching a new range of five force sensors for use in production environments; typical applications include quality assurance monitoring, especially in press-fit assembly applications. These sensors offer a combination of compact size, simple installation, a wide measuring range, overload tolerance and economical pricing.

The sensors cover measuring ranges from 5kN to 120kN and are supplied as standard with 1 per cent, 10 per cent and 100 per cent measuring range calibrations. In most applications the sensors may be fitted directly into presses, punches and rams but, where this is not possible, various flanges and adapters are available. Three of the sensors have an axial bore for use with ejector tools and the standard accessories kit includes a steel screw-on cap to protect the radial cable outlet, mounting adapters and threaded bushes. SCS calibration and additional measuring range calibration are available as options.

Kistler's new force sensors provide precision process monitoring that is easy to install, robust and virtually maintenance free throughout a long working life. Follow the link for more information about these force sensors.

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