Igus unveils first continuously circulating energy chain

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Igus unveils first continuously circulating energy chainIgus has developed the igus C-Chain, which is claimed to be the world's first continuously circulating energy chain. The igus C-Chain can supply grippers, sensor systems and other devices with energy (electrical or pneumatic), data and other media without the need for non-productive starts and return runs.

Not only are igus C-Chains lightweight and reliable, but with speeds of up to 8m/s they can also be used in high-speed machinery and in applications where short machine cycle times are required; depending on customer specifications, travels of 30m or more are possible.

Numerous different carriages can serve rotating grippers, suction cups or electromagnets, for example, which can pick up work pieces, hold them, manipulate them and set them down again. Also, processing tools required for turning, clamping, adhesion or drilling can be supplied.

To watch the C-Chain in action, watch the movie (there is no sound), or contact igus to discuss particular applications.

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