High-reliability thermal switches for Mil-spec applications

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High-reliability thermal switches for Mil-spec applicationsETL Inertial Aerosystems is introducing the 100 series of thermal switches. Manufactured by Honeywell, these affordable yet high-reliability thermal switches are designed for non-hermetic uses in terrestrial applications where Mil-spec environmental conditions are encountered.

These versatile thermally-actuated microswitches are capable of handling a 7A resistive load at 120/240V AC RMS or 7A at 28V DC, with an endurance of 100,000 cycles minimum at rated DC or AC loads. Available configurations include single-pole, single-throw (SPST) and double-pole, single-throw (DPST).

The active temperature range is -43 to 121degC, with a differential range of between -15 and +5degC and a set point tolerance of +/-2.8degC. The bimetallic disc operates a microswitch that is qualified to MIL-STD-8805, UL, CSA and CE. This innovative switch is epoxy sealed, resistant to high levels of vibration, and has a fast response to thermal changes. Packages compatible with the Honeywell 500 series aerospace switch are available.

Available in various exterior materials, these 100 series thermal switches can operate accurately in hostile environments and they have applications in the monitoring of surface temperature on water, hydraulics, refrigeration, batteries, air temperature and boxes, for example.

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