Plastic ball screw and nut assembly in a choice of polymers

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Plastic ball screw and nut assembly in a choice of polymersAbssac is launching a complete plastic ball screw and nut assembly. According to the company, the ball screw and nut, being manufactured entirely from thermoplastic materials, creates new opportunities for design engineers, as they deliver "lightweight linear accuracy with miniature inertial properties."

As with metallic ball screws there is a choice of materials that can be used, but these are dependant on the application's parameters. For lower cost, Abssac would consider using polyamide (PA) or polyacetal (POM) as a base material. In some applications DuPont Vespel can be be utilised, which not only offers high strength and durability, but effectively reduces frictional and parasitic energy losses in the transmission components.

The thermoplastic ball screws do not require lubrication and are suitable for applications such as clean room, anti-magnetic, surgical, aquatic and corrosive environments (eg marine).

To find out more about plastic ball screw assemblies or to discuss a particular application, contact Abssac.

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