New 4-channel PoE embedded controller for machine vision

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New 4-channel PoE embedded controller for machine visionStemmer Imaging's new CVS Image Station Compact EOS-1000 is an embedded computer system for industrial imaging applications that combines high-performance computing capability with four Gigabit Ethernet camera ports in a compact, robust housing. This system is suitable for any industrial automation application such as 3D vision, robotic guidance and medical imaging.

The CVS Image Station Compact EOS-1000 measures just 200 x 85 x 165mm. It also features long-life embedded components and built-in monitoring for the CPU temperature, fan speed and system responsiveness; this all ensures that the hardware is robust and reliable for vision applications. Designed to withstand vibrations of up to 5 'g,' the system cam operate in harsh environments.

Outstanding computing power is provided by the embedded Intel Core2 Duo CPU, with independent dual data storage support for CompactFlash (CF) memory or an optional HDD. Independent data storage offers the capability for one medium to run the operating system and applications while the other is used to archive video, images, log files or the back-up operating system.

Four independent Gigabit Ethernet camera ports are provided, each featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to allow power to be supplied to the camera through the Ethernet cable. Industry-standard GigE Vision cameras can be used, each operating over cable distances of up to 100m. A wide range of I/O support includes RS232/485, USB and isolated digital I/O.

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