Ball screw supplier offers wide choice and competitive prices

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Ball screw supplier offers wide choice and competitive pricesAre you looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality and competitively priced ball screws? Abssac has 25 years of experience with ball screws and offers a number of different product options to suit different application parameters.

Supplying both cold rolled formed and ground assemblies, Abssac can cut screws to length and, if required, the company offers a complete machining service so that the parts can be delivered ready to fit directly into a machine. An added advantage of this service is that it eliminates the potential scrap rates for customers that might otherwise attempt to machine the end journals themselves.

Physical attachment of the ball nut is made easy thanks to a range of flanged or end-threaded nut designs. Abssac can also supply nuts machined to the customer's designs, often incorporating features from adjacent components to make the whole linear assembly more reliable, faster to build and more cost-effective overall.

Precision, transport, miniature and heavy-duty industrial ball screws are available from Abssac, from 1.8mm diameter up to 80mm diameter. Follow the link for more information about Abssac's comprehensive ranges of standard and customised ball screws.

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