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Shaft couplings supplier offers extensive range plus expertiseAbssac has been a supplier of flexible shaft couplings for over 25 years, with the reasons behind its success being the extensive range of coupling products available to suit a multitude of applications, and the breadth and depth of product knowledge that ensures customers maximise the benefits from their chosen design.

Back in 1982, Abssac started supplying the original one-piece Helical beam coupling that offers zero-backlash torque transmission. With the ability to adapt the actual Helical beam to suit the desired torsional stiffness, angular offset capability and torque capacity, Abssac found it could supply shaft couplings to meet nearly all of its customers' shaft coupling demands.

Never knowing where the next application will take it, Abssac has manufactured shaft couplings with outside diameters as small as 1mm; at the other end of the scale, the company has recently supplied stainless steel laminate disc-style couplings for a heavy industrial application - with an outside diameter of 1m and a length of 3m.

Always mindful of budgets and performance, Abssac has supplied rotary shaft couplings around the world for applications ranging from one-off projects to complex designs requiring its specialist expertise.

As well as the Helical beam (Heli-Cal beam) couplings described above, Abssac also supplies laminate disc couplings, elastomeric designs, Sure-Flex couplings, slot couplings, bellows couplings, jaw couplings, solid couplings and universal joints, all as standard or customised products.

From its new site in Evesham, Abssac is keen to be a partner in any future projects requiring shaft couplings. Follow the links to find out more about Abssac's ranges of shaft couplings or to contact Abssac.

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