Monochrome and colour smart cameras gain higher resolution

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Monochrome and colour smart cameras gain higher resolutionStemmer Imaging is supplying the new Dalsa BOA M1280 smart camera in monochrome and colour versions with a higher resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels.

The BOA range has expanded steadily since its launch in 2009 and the new M1280 offers four times the resolution of the entry-level M640 model. BOA offers scalable vision systems to satisfy a wide range of application requirements, from positioning of robotic handlers to complete assembly verifications. All BOA cameras feature a full suite of vision tools, a web browser-based user interface and application development interface, as well as inputs and outputs, illumination control and factory communications.

Renowned for its outstanding price-performance ratio, the BOA series comprises a robust, fully integrated intelligent vision system that is designed for use in factory environments. The compact IP67 housing of just 44mm x 44mm x 44mm is suitable for washdown environments without a protective enclosure if an appropriate lens tube is used. A new lens cover is available in two lengths to suit the vast majority of common lenses, and the camera base plate has been adapted to provide mounting holes on all sides for maximum installation flexibility.

Dalsa's integrated iNspect Express software makes the installation of additional software and complex programming unnecessary. A simple, flexible application setup can be performed using any standard web browser. Multiple onboard processing engines optimise system performance with algorithm optimisation via the DSP, application management via the CPU and sensor management via the FPGA.

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