Ultrasonic sensor with SoundPipe operates through small openings

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Balluff is introducing the new Microsonics zws-15 with SoundPipe, an ultrasonic sensor that measures levels even in very small openings. The new SoundPipe can be used with all zws-15 sensors; it directs sound to the measuring point, enabling measurements to be taken through drill holes and openings with diameters under 3mm. Since the zws-15 sensor blind zone is inside the SoundPipe, measurements can be taken directly from the sound outlet opening. The result is a tightly bundled sound field brought directly to the measuring point.

A typical field of application is measuring levels in microplate wells, which are used in medical analysis technology. The SoundPipe can be directly positioned over the opening, making exact measurements possible. The attachment can also be used in scanning gaps of only a few millimetres in width between two objects.

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