Identification vision sensor reads 1D codes, 2D codes and text

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Balluff's new BVS-E Identification vision sensor checks both 1D codes (barcodes) and 2D codes (Data Matrix codes) - indeed, it is claimed to be capable of reading all common codes on the market. In addition, text and sequences of numbers such as code plain text can be verified using OCV (Optimal Character Verification) and the sensor gives a simple 'Inspection OK' or 'Inspection not OK' output. If users need to view the code data to find out which parts are being processed, they can do this via the RS232 or Ethernet interface.

The BVS-E Identification sensor is part of Balluff's expanding range of vision sensors. Included in this is the BVS-E Advanced with 360-degree part rotation recognition. All configured inspections are compensated for the parts rotation, thereby minimising the need to tightly fixture parts while reducing setup costs. The new BVS's added output logic functionality provides the ability to link any tool or combination of tools to any output. This enables the inspection to be customised to any production situation where simple inspection results are not enough.

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