Inductive proximity block sensors suit harsh environments

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Balluff developed the Q40 inductive proximity block sensor with Factor 1 technology to solve difficult application problems. The Q40 delivers maximum sensing ranges in a small housing, with weld field immunity and the ability to sense aluminium and steel at the same distance. Each Q40 sensor has a highly visible corner LED plus a sensor head that can be mounted in five positions; additionally, the connector outlet is adjustable within a 270° arc.

Although Balluff says the Factor 1 sensors are the first choice for hostile welding applications due to their PTFE-coated sensing face and immunity to magnetic fields, they are also suitable for other applications where sensors need to perform no matter what the type of metal target material.

An example of this would be a packaging line where cans of various sizes and/or materials are being run on the same line, as Balluff's Factor 1 Q40 block sensors are specifically designed with multi-metal functionality in mind. Aluminium cans are a difficult target to detect due to their thin walls and low inductance. However, the Factor 1 Q40 sensor not only detects the cans as they backup in the accumulator, but it also detects the cans at a distance much greater than could be achieved by a standard cylindrical proximity switch, with one of the non-flush models having a sensing range of 40mm. Additionally, the switching and operating state of the sensor can be identified at a distance due to the high-visibility LED.

Balluff offers various Factor 1 sensor options with the Q40 block sensor combining multi-metal sensing with the longest range of all the standard sensor sizes.

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