Miniature sensors for automation and production machines

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Balluff's miniature sensor range includes SuperShorties (at only 6mm in length these M8 and 6.5mm diameter inductive sensors have a sensing range of 1.5mm), miniature block housing photoelectric sensors with sensing ranges from 0-6500mm, and capacitive disc and small block sensors for detecting non-metallic objects and level sensing applications.

For hydraulic cylinders, M5 and M8 high-pressure sensors are now available with pressure ratings to 350bar. Balluff also claims to offer the shortest cylinder switches on the market for wear-free position detection in pneumatic cylinders. C and T-slot types are suitable for short-stroke cylinders and mini-grippers.

Also available is the compact, metal-housed magnetic linear encoder system with what is said to be the world's smallest sensor head for magnetic tape systems with high precision and lengths up to 48m.

To protect sensors from mechanical damage, the stainless steel tube switch is extremely robust and reliable, even under difficult conditions.

Balluff's miniature sensor range offers users simple integration into both new and existing applications. Due to the variety of sensing technologies, housing styles and lightweight sensors available, this enables greater flexibility and freedom at the design stage – even in the tightest of spaces.

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