M18 red light sensor features brighter spot and 500Hz switching

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Balluff has re-engineered its photoelectric BOS 18M red light sensor with background suppression, introducing the second generation of this product while retaining the series designation. This sensor, in a rugged metal housing, uses the latest LED technology, offers an especially bright spot and operates at a switching frequency of 500Hz.

The M18 red light photoelectric sensor benefits from an unusually generous scanning range for its size (up to 300mm) as well as switching with extreme precision and a PNP output. A 10-turn potentiometer enables users to set the background suppression precisely. The grey value shift is extremely low, meaning that small, flat or thin objects within the switching range are detected reliably, being virtually unaffected by a reflective background and regardless of the surface composition or colour of the object. A highly visible stability and function indicator and additional contamination output further enhance the versatility and reliability.

The sensor features the same standard housing as Balluff's 18M inductive proximity switches and uses a four-pin M12 connector, making it fully compatible both mechanically and electrically. If needed, the designer can therefore change to a different sensing principle, resulting in increased flexibility and a simplified inventory.

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