Safety module designed for semi-automatic joining systems

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Kistler's new SPLe Type 2154… safety module makes it easier for users of the company's electromechanical NC joining systems on semi-automatic assembly stations to achieve performance level e (PL e) as defined in EN ISO 13849–1 Safety of machinery – Safety-related parts of control systems.

The safety module SPLe Type 2154… is designed for use with NC joining systems in semi-automatic stations and manual workstations with hand loading, whose safety requirements are particularly stringent. Where speeds of more than 10mm/s are used (and where the speed cannot be reliably reduced), performance level e is required in order to reduce the risk of injury.

The new safety module is suitable for use with Kistler's electromechanical NC joining modules NCFN Type 2153A…, NCFT Type 2157A…, NCFH Type 2151B… or NCFB Type 2160A… with holding brake. It can be combined with both the new force-displacement evaluation unit DMF-P A310 Universal Type 4740A… and the established DMF-P A300 NCF Type 4734A... When used in combination with the NC joining module NCFH Type 2151B… that features a hollow-shaft motor instead of a belt drive, the overall result is a particularly compact joining/monitoring system.

Kistler says that the safety concept includes a reliably reduced speed to performance level d as standard. In conjunction with the integral safety technology of the Bosch-Rexroth IndraDrive with S2 option (PL d), the safety module uses the SS1ES function with reliably monitored stopping to enable performance level e to be attained.

In Kistler's TÜV-assessed system, the module is linked with a safety device by means of two normally-closed contact inputs. This provides for effective protection of the operator through the use of two-hand starting devices or light curtains. The customer is responsible for providing a reliable lock/interlock system if a safety door is used.

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