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Autodesk says that the Project Krypton Technology Preview, a plug-in that provides design engineers with advice during the early stages of designing plastic parts, is now available for download on Autodesk Labs as a free technology preview.

The Project Krypton Technology Preview integrates seamlessly with Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Inventor LT software and also works with SolidWorks software to support companies working in a multi-CAD environment.

Without tools such as this, engineers can make poor design decisions, leading to under- or over-engineered plastic components, costly redesigns and retooling. The Project Krypton Technology Preview helps to prevent these problems by guiding design engineers to make better choices and evaluate alternatives when it matters the most, early in the design process.

Project Krypton Technology Preview provides designers with real-time feedback in three areas:

  1. Manufacturability — The Manufacturability Indicator assesses the part after each design modification and provides real-time feedback regarding potential manufacturing concerns.
  2. Cost efficiency — The Cost Efficiency Indicator assesses how changes to a design influence the overall injection mould
  3. material choice and production costs.
  4. Environmental impact — The Plastic Material Impact Indicator helps product designers understand the environmental impact of their material choices by examining characteristics such as embodied carbon, embodied energy and recyclability.

This instantaneous feedback supports designers in making better decisions earlier in the design process — thereby helping them to design more cost-effective plastic parts that can be manufactured efficiently and with less environmental impact.

Powered by Autodesk Moldflow injection moulding simulation technology, Project Krypton Technology Preview provides instant and simple feedback via design indicators embedded directly within the CAD environment. Alerts and highlighting of design features help to pinpoint design problems and provide guidance on how to resolve those problems. As a result, designers do not need extensive training or expertise to gain access to rich, detailed information that guides the manufacturing of plastic parts.

The Project Krypton Technology Preview will be available on Autodesk Labs until 13 November 2010. To download a copy, visit

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