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Autodesk Inventor Optimization is now available for download from the Autodesk Labs website as a free* technology preview. The web-based technology, which works with Autodesk Inventor 2011, enables engineers to tap into cloud-based processing power — at no additional cost — to perform digital simulation on their product designs.

By providing 'nearly infinite' computing power, Inventor Optimization Technology Preview enables users to extend the digital prototyping functionality of their Inventor desktop application with high-performance simulation. This easy-to-use, web-based simulation helps designers and engineers to better tackle the pervasive problem of reducing the amount of material used in a design (and, therefore, component weights) while improving product quality and safety. Minimising weight can reduce material and transportation costs, and contribute to more sustainable product designs.

Inventor Optimization is designed to be accessible by all Inventor users, not just simulation specialists, which is in line with Autodesk's commitment to making its 3D design software accessible to the broadest possible audience.

Andrew Sears, a mechanical engineer at Balzer Pacific, comments: "We have relied on Autodesk Inventor software for more than five years to help design our concrete and asphalt plants globally. The Inventor Technology Optimization Preview allows me to send complex simulations to the cloud, while keeping my desktop computer free to keep working on other projects. By testing our Inventor 3D models in the cloud, we can consider many more design alternatives."

The Technology Preview also offers Inventor users the ability to:

Optimise Designs with Ease – An intuitive interface allows for quick and easy simulation set-up so an Inventor user can reduce weight and material while improving product quality and safety.

Work in Parallel - While the software is performing multiple simulations 'behind the scenes' in the cloud, the designer or engineer can continue to do other work on his or her desktop. When the design optimisation is complete, the technology preview's job monitor automatically notifies the user through multiple communication channels.

Tap into Superior Performance - Offloading simulation to the cloud helps unleash the power of simulation by enabling users to simulate many different design configurations in parallel, to access sufficient memory and the overall capacity needed to perform simulations in less time.

Inventor Optimization represents a response to customer demand for web-based access to information and a continuation of Autodesk's long tradition of investment and operational experience with software-as-a-service (SaaS). Autodesk says that it has been a pioneer in SaaS applications for the design industry for over a decade, starting with Autodesk Buzzsaw, one of the world's largest project hosting services.

The Inventor Optimization technology Preview expires on 31 March 2011. To register to try the technology, visit

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