MX878 output module converts measured values to voltage signals

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MX878 output module converts measured values to voltage signalsHBM's new MX878 output module, which is the latest addition to the QuantumX series, measures all commonly used physical quantities and makes them available as standardised analogue voltage outputs.

The MX878 features eight analogue voltage outputs that can be individually configured, enabling system signals to be output as scaled and filtered values in the range of +/-10V. Any amplifier signal can be used as a signal source to simplify the individual monitoring or forwarding of system signals, such as measured values. In addition, the module increases the flexibility and capabilities of the QuantumX data acquisition (DAQ) system by providing integrated local intelligence that enables measured values to be analysed or set off against each other, in real time, using algebraic operations. The module also features functions for the computation of peak or root mean square (RMS) values. Computed signals can be made available in the system in real time or they can be output directly.

HBM says the MX878 module is designed to complement the powerful range of QuantumX amplifiers. All functions and outputs can be configured directly using the QuantumX Assistant software, LabView Vis. Alternatively, users can utilise individual programs via the integrated QuantumX programming interface (API) for .NET or .COM, while HBM's catmanAP software provides comprehensive options for configuration, data acquisition, visualisation and analysis.

Typical applications for the MX878 QuantumX module will include test bench applications involving the conversion of various transducer signals.

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