Piezoelectric force washers are rated to 20kN

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Piezoelectric force washers are rated to 20kNHBM is launching a 20kN CFW series piezoelectric force washers to meet the demand for measuring lower nominal (rated) forces. This latest force washer has a diameter of just 14.5mm and a height of 7mm, making it very compact relative to its nominal force. This enables it to be integrated easily in equipment, even where very little space is available.

Piezoelectric force washers use a measurement principle in which the sensitivity does not depend on the nominal force. This makes this type of force washer very useful for measurements in partial load ranges where greater resolution is required. Typical applications for the CFW 20kN therefore include the monitoring of assembly processes, compression processes or dynamic applications in the test sector.

The sensor has a symmetrical design to give good linearity and simple and robust mounting, as the inner and outer ring of the sensor can be solidly connected to the surrounding construction.

In common with the other sensors in the CFW series, the CFW 20kN has a very small displacement, which results in very high stiffness and excellent dynamic properties.

HBM says its latest piezoelectric force washer is very sturdy and is suitable for applications in tough industrial environments where its IP65 protection is a necessity. The sensors are operated together with the CMA series charge amplifiers or the CMD digital charge amplifiers, which are also suitable for use in tough industrial environments.

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