Retrofit energy recovery kits cut compressor running costs

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Retrofit energy recovery kits cut compressor running costsAtlas Copco Compressors is launching new ER S -1,-2, and -3 retrofit energy recovery kits for its GA11-90 rotary screw compressor range, enabling the recovery of up to 94 per cent of the energy from wasted compression heat. In addition, the ER unit scan be used with similar (11 - 90kW) compressors from other manufacturers, and they can be linked such that a single ER unit can recover energy from multiple smaller compressors, or multiple ER units can serve a single, larger compressor.

Suitable for use across a broad spectrum of industries, the new range of standalone, plug-and-play energy recovery units can achieve 72-94 per cent of energy recovery in the form of hot outlet water, at temperatures of up to 90degC.

The recovery kits incorporate a stainless steel oil/water heat exchanger that is designed for simple installation, fast commissioning, reduced service downtime and increased safety and environmental conditions. All major mechanical parts of the units are pre-mounted within the canopy, providing easy access to the thermostatic valve housing and motor for service operations. The all-in-one-box configuration eliminates the possibility of incorrect connection of flexible hoses and parts, and no structural beam adaptation of the compressor is necessary to accommodate the water inlet and outlet connections.


Over 45 per cent of all industries use hot water in their processes. Atlas Copco's ER units enable pre-heated water to be used in these processes to reduce the demand for traditional energy sources and, at the same time, to lower CO2 emissions. Running cost reductions can be achieved both in applications involving intermittent use - such as central heating - or in the continuous provision of process hot water.

With up to 94 per cent of the electrical energy employed in compressed air production being converted into heat and subsequently lost through radiation, these retrofit kits will enable operators to make substantial reductions in fuel consumption. At the same time, it is possible to achieve indirect process savings by reducing the maintenance costs of associated equipment and, in specific applications, overall process efficiency can be boosted by up to 20 per cent.

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08 September 2010

Atlas Copco Compressorsvisit website
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