High-performance, miniature, radiation-resistant tilt sensors

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High-performance, miniature, radiation-resistant tilt sensorsInertial Aerosystems is introducing a new range of high-performance, miniature, radiation-resistant tilt sensors, manufactured by Applied Geomechanics. These are also available in special vacuum-compatible versions for use in synchrotron beamlines and other applications where zero outgassing and tolerance to X-rays are required.

Researchers in the field of high-energy physics use Applied Geomechanics angle measurement products in a variety of ways. Because of their high resolution and repeatability, they are effective tools for finely adjusting the magnets that align particle beams. Users of synchrotron light find these sensors to be especially useful for precise angular positioning of X-ray mirrors and monochrometers. The tilt sensors maintain an absolute reference with respect to gravity and, unlike optical encoders, do not need to be reinitialised on power up.

Inertial Aerosystems says the models 755, 756 and 757 (VAC) miniature tilt sensors are designed for high-vacuum or ultra-high-vacuum conditions (10-E6 to 10-E10 Torr). With high-gain and mid-range glass sensor assemblies, they have 304 grade stainless steel housings with a 304 grade stainless steel cover for protection and reduction of air circulation and convection. Varians Torr Seal epoxy is used to mount the tilt sensors inside the housing.

Uniaxial and biaxial versions are available, complete with signal conditioning electronics that can be located up to 100m from the sensor. The range includes models with a high resolution of +/-0.1 microradian at +/-0.5 degree full scale, and standard full-scale ranges of +/-0.5 degree and +/-30 degrees. Customised ranges are also available.

All units are provided with 1m long Kapton (polyimide) insulated wires as standard.

These innovative sensors are also suitable for nuclear instrumentation, as well as orientation of fuel rods and mounting structures in nuclear power stations.

For further information about these high-performance, miniature, radiation-resistant tilt sensors, contact Derek Noble or Richard Bowman on +44 (0)203 258 0023,

17 September 2010

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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